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Revolutionary Career Counseling Alternative

Did you know that over 65% of people that go to career counseling report that they're no better off less than a year later?

Imagine spending all that time and money in career counseling trying to solve your problems and only learning how to change your resume or networking techniques that lead you to another job you hate.

Now there's an alternative to traditional career counseling -- it's called the Oxford Program, and it's a proven system for leading you to the work you were born to do.

Whether you've tried conventional career counseling or not, the online Oxford Program works for mid-career adults suffering from:

Boredom - Stress - Frustration - Sense that "something is missing"

A woman named Candace who joined the Oxford Program as well as tried old-fashioned career counseling wrote me as follows: "I want to thank you for for putting together such a great counseling program. I had already signed up to see a local career counselor at the same time I signed up for the Oxford Program. The results....he should be directed to YOUR service!" - Candace Lazaar, Ocean City, MD.

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  • Anyone who has decided they will make a career change, but wants some tips and counseling to get more serious about it

OK, now let's look further into the matter of career counseling.

Have you ever considered (or are you in) career counseling?

Do you think conventional career counseling will help you? Will career counseling be a successful experience, or will it make your situation worse?

As you know, the online Oxford Program is an alternative to traditional career counseling. Why do we need an alternative to career counseling? What's wrong with traditional career counseling?

Even though most career counselors are well-meaning, the methods they use were developed 30 to 50 years ago to help an unsophisticated public deal with simpler decisions. You have probably been exposed to these outdated methods in school or in subsequent attempts to make career decisions. How effective were those career counseling methods in helping you? It may be that, in these complex times, the traditional methods of choosing life direction and career path are inadequate. To be completely successful in making these important decisions, it takes a complete approach, a holistic method that considers all aspects of your life, leads to definite and realistic answers and effective action.

Here's a sample of some of the free information and solutions available by signing up in the box above:

  • 7 Secrets of Finding Your Natural Vocation
  • 5 Career Assessments
  • 5 Career Change Strategy Tips
  • 5 Career Change Success Stories
  • How to change careers without losing income
  • How to find out what you're meant to do with your life
  • How to know if you're in the wrong career or just the wrong job
  • Some simple strategies for making an easier career change
  • The 6 most successful strategies for changing careers
  • Why 80% of people fail to choose careers they'll love and how you'll beat the odds
  • How to know if you should be your own boss


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Founder of the Oxford Program and the Oxford Method

Steve is the founder of The Oxford Program and a master career coach. Rather than just reading about the career change process, Steve has lived it. He teaches from experience.

Steve writes career advice articles for top-tier websites such as AOL, Techies, and ImproveNow.com. He has also moderated career advice forums on Monster.com and the Princeton Review website.

History of the Oxford Program. Thirteen years ago, Steve walked away from a career as the youngest executive at a large Wall Street investment bank, and went to England to coach the prestigious Oxford University lightweight rowing team. 

That unusual career change prompted subsequent studies into organizational psychology and the relationship between human nature and career choices. Feeling strongly that one's work life should not be dreaded, Steve researched and developed the concept of one's "natural vocation"

After years of research, assembling the most sophisticated arsenal of tools known to the career counseling profession, and working with clients in his private practice, Steve developed the "Oxford Program" --  a truly superior career-discovery and selection methodology.

With his unique methodology and vast knowledge of available career options, Steve is considered one of America's top career coaches.

The Oxford Program was developed out of a commitment to help people discover opportunities that fit not only their nature, but also their situation.

As the Founder and Head Career Coach of the Oxford Program, Steve's mission is to help program clients make life-changing discoveries and lead extraordinary lives.

Read more about Steve's story of career discovery and change


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